Friday, January 12, 2018

Who is the most awesome Person this week?

Who was awesome?

We love to let people know when they have done something awesome.

This person I heard about long before I went out to do the estimate, the office told me I would love the estimate. "She has watched all your videos" and is excited to meet you.

When I arrived I could see right away Paula would be fun to work with, she had a great personality, was looking for someone to work with her on the project and was very interested in my ideas.

It is great to go on any project and form a relationship with the clients, they respect your opinion and work so that is a bonus.

When I left I knew she would push hard to have us as her contractor and as I expected we were awarded the project a few days later.

That is where my part ends but when the job leader came back from his meeting all he could say is Paula is great!

Once the job started the painters all said the same thing, she was very accommodating, fun to be around and enjoyed the whole process.

So for that we love Paula, I wish everyone could "be like Paula" the world would be a better place

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