Sunday, January 14, 2018

Top three paints to use when painting cabinets

Kitchen cabinet Paint Choices

When we are hired to paint kitchen cabinets we take a close look at the project. What is the current condition of the cabinets? How much use and abuse will they receive?
What does the client expect and do they have children or pets?

These are all great questions and will help determine which paint we will use on the project.
One paint may be easier to clean or be harder when dry. Another may offer an easier application or faster dry time.

Without knowing or seeing the cabinets beforehand it is impossible to diagnose and offer a solution to the homeowner on which paint we recommend. There are no two cabinet jobs alike and we tailor each project for what it needs for a trouble-free application and long-lasting one.

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and PPG Offer great products and one of which we would use on a cabinet job. There may be others that can be used but these are the ones we have used many times with great success.

Here is a recent video we did explaining our process. Please visit our YouTube channel for more great videos of a behind the scenes look at our painting company.

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