Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hiring employees through values

Hiring employees through values

Hiring employees whether painters, office staff is never easy, we have learned some tough lessons over the years by hiring the wrong type of person.

There have been angry ones, irrational ones, demanding and just plain old you don't want to be around them. One of the typical ones is the type that never can do wrong, even when they do something totally abusing the company policy they don't understand why they had to be let go and they don't end it at termination. Angrily leaving voicemails, verbally abusing anyone who answers the phone or leaving irrational posts on our social media sites.

We decided there had to be another way and there was, by creating our key company values which are. Dependability, Commitment, Relationships and Accountability and using those as the basis we hire or don't hire someone and never wavering from it. 

Whether experienced or not a bad seed who doesn't share our values will totally ruin the morale of the other workers quickly. So from the pre-screening interview to the actual interview, we are trying to determine whether this person will be a fit for our company.

By doing so we have gathered a great group of people who I would want to be around each day and are excited to come to work and a team that does great things each day.

Here is a recent video I made discussing this very topic.

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