Sunday, May 21, 2017

You don't always need three estimates

You don’t always need three estimates:
It seems somewhere everyone came up with the great idea of getting three estimates for every project around their home from painting to electrical to plumbing.

Yes in some instances this can be a good idea especially if you don’t know any of the contractors who are coming, hopefully, you did your homework before you go that point and checked references, past work through pictures their social media pages or word of mouth.

But if you're like me I feel I am a great judge of character and if the first estimate turns out to be a great one and we connect that is good enough for me, I would prefer to not waste my time waiting around for a contractor who may not show up, is late or shows up and never sends me the estimate.

In my case  I checked out all the reviews and maybe emailed a few references but why continue the song and dance act of each estimate when I feel totally comfortable with the first?

If the issue is price alone you can get 10 estimates someone will always be cheaper but if yours looking for quality work and quality people doing it and they show up in your first or second estimate stop the show now and get them signed up to do your work because I can guarantee if they are great at what they do their schedule is most likely booked.

There will be exceptions to each rule and some people feel more comfortable gathering all of the estimates, it is tough when your doing this to make sure everyone is bidding the same way on residential work (apples to apples)
You will have to make sure they are all using the same materials, they are fully insured with liability insurance AND workman's compensation and are licensed in your area.

So if you have time to do three four five estimates, by all means, go for it, I personally do not and do not want to waste my time or the contractors and more importantly want my work started as soon as possible. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

General Patching and Why

What is general patching and why is that what I am getting?

1      After years in the painting business with Amato Painting on residential projects, the number one issue or complaint and confusion is the appearance of the walls as far as prep.

Sometimes the client is expecting a perfectly smooth new wall on a wall that is plaster or gypsum board and has been painted ten times over with runs, sags, drips and different levels in it.

To get it back to the perfectly smooth level is not impossible but not part of a typical repaint job for any painting contractor unless otherwise specified during a walkthrough and in your scope of work (contract)

So after all of these years, we do a general patching on all of our surfaces, it is the best way to offer an affordable paint job and give an acceptable prep to your walls for 95% of customers.

It is also a PDCA (Painters and decorators contractors of America standard) 4.8
4.8. PROPERLY PAINTED SURFACE: A properly painted
surface is uniform in appearance, color, texture,
hiding and sheen. It is also free of foreign material,
lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses, or
insufficient coverage. It is a surface free of drips,

splatters, spills or overspray which were caused by
the painting and decorating contractor’s workforce.
In order to determine whether a surface has been
“properly painted” it shall be examined without
magnification at a distance of thirty-nine (39) inches
or one (1) meter or more, under finished lighting
conditions and from a normal viewing position.
[PDCA Standard P1]

These are the standards we go by every day, without a standard for the painting company it would be up to the client and painter to decide what is acceptable.

General patching of walls which consists of minor dings and dents, then walls will be sanded and any spackle spots primed
General patching will not fix rough surfaces from existing paint and or coatings unless specified in the scope of work
General patching will not correct existing flaws such as old plaster, hairline cracks in plaster or GWB walls, old paint texture, bulges and uneven surfaces
New patches may show through as smoother than surrounding areas

What does this mean to you? If you stay up at night looking at the wall under a flashlight or halogen light that is not a good thing, any surface if you magnify it will show imperfections from the floor, your face, and especially the wall. You cannot expect on a simple repaint to address every little imperfection on a wall or ceiling.

What I worse is when walking through an estimate and you agree to this but when the job starts having expectations that will never be met and the customer and painters will be miserable until the job is complete.

So know your expectations before the estimate, express them to the estimator and you will have a successful happy project

10 Things you should be doing

Things you “should” be doing

Every day I am amazed at the things people should be doing but just don’t.
Does it come from how they were brought up or simply they are not fit to be around other people?
I see it doing interviews at Amato Painting, pre-qualifying potential employees, estimates, at the store

Here are my top ten pet peeves
1)      Not holding the door for someone when leaving or entering a store, this is common courtesy, hold the door even if yu have to wait
2)      Not moving to the left lane when cars are merging from a ramp on the right.
3)      Bringing your cell phone into an interview and answering it?  Now this is an automatic disqualifier for us
4)      Wearing sunglasses through your whole interview
5)      Not saying thank you in any instance
6)      Not looking me in the eye when I speak to you, are you hiding something?
7)      Scheduling an estimate, confirming it and then not being home
8)      Confirming an interview and not showing up and then begging for another one
9)      Not treating others in a respectful manner or as you would like to be treated
10)   Knowing the rules but expecting to be treated differently

These are just a few of the things I come across each day and things we look for in our job interviews, my job interviews are generally very quick and short as I am looking for character more so than your experience, degree etc.

Check your Social Media pages too, if you're applying for job interviews and your profile pic is you at a party drinking and other things with profanities and slang throughout your profile. Where is the first place you think employers look?

I am not saying I am the perfect person and sometimes break my own rules but work
hard each day to become a better person and offer something to the community