Restore Don't Replace

Restore your ceiling tiles don't replace

How many times have you had to switch out or completely replace ceiling tiles or when you decided to paint them they stuck to the grid?

We are now offering a simple solution with little down time.
This process incorporates both cleaning and coating technologies, resurfacing the existing ceiling with an acoustical coating, which is similar to ,but higher in quality than the manufacturers.

  • It is typically 1/2 the cost of total replacement
  • Takes 1/3 the time 
  • Can be completed off hours
  • Refinishes the entire ceiling in place (grid,diffusers,vents and speakers)
  • Extremely low VOC levels that are well within the range that satisfies Green Seal Standard GS-11 (Credit 4.2)
  • Decreases energy consumption since lower wattage bulbs may be used due to the light reflectance or the product
  • Provides a Class-A fire rating finish that reduces the flame spread from 25 to 5
GREAT for Retails stores and grocery, hospitality, schools and colleges, healthcare and more
If your interested in this coating and would like a free consultation please reach out to 

Ryan Amato 484-821-7112

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