Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who we do not hire

Finding new employees is a difficult process in the first place adding to that finding painters is even harder.
It seems in this business we are lucky if someone has a drivers license, a vehicle, can pass a background check and that usually rules out 75% of potential new hires for us.
I thought I would simplify this and explain exactly what we look for and maybe it can help you in your own business. Being picky for us has been great in most ways, of course we are limited on man power but those we have are all very capable in holding their own

Top Red Flags and personality traits we do not like

  • If you live in any city the people who double park when there are multiple spots in front and behind
  • People who do not have the courtesy to hold the door for the person behind them AND let them go in first
  • Not saying yes sir and yes ma'am , this may seem old school but we offer this respect to everyone we meet daily
  • Someone who does not look you in the eye when talking to you, this always is a red flag and we do not hire those people
  • No personal accountability, always blaming others or making excuses
  • Asking how much they will be paid before they come in for an interview, I have canceled a few interviews because of this, we do not want money to be the number one motivating factor
  • Stating you will only come in if the job pays well, again similar to the above issue
  • Not showing up early, on time is late for us
We have most certainly limited ourselves as far as the total amount of painters however we have drastically increased morale and quality of work so working off our list above we will continue to be choosy who we bring into our family

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where are all the great people?

Hiring for us has been an ongoing struggle, from blaming ourselves for the failure of the people we hire to thinking there are just no good painters left around.
So what is the answer to this? Who is to blame? The answer lies in between blame and accountability.
We do everything we possible can to 
help make someone succeed, I am going to sound like my grandfather and say people are not like they used to be, not hard working and want things handed to them. I don't entirely believe that of everyone but it is prevalent today of the applicants we see. 
Some of the issues have been
  • Showing up late to the interview if they show at all.
  • Arriving at the wrong location
  • Not dressed appropriately 
  • Cursing in the interview everyone curses here and there shit I just did now but pick your spots please
  • Asking what the jobs pays before coming into an interview
  • Asking to be paid in cash to avoid their responsibilities
So all I just mentioned are red flags in my book and immediately you will find were not interested.
Working hard to pre qualify these leads, make sure were a good fit for each other and all share them same values as the company is a good start to avoid this.
Our values are dependability, accountability, relationships, commitment and trustworthy. You can see why the red flags are a direct violation of these values.
I was taught to work hard and that in itself is a reward but eventually the accolades, money will come. We made a stand to only have people work with us who share these goals, it has limited our company in the number of people who work with us but it has made every day and every job that much better.
We hire people who want a career in painting and will do whatever they can without question to get jobs done and be a great person to their family and company, it is the only way to feel great about your company.

Acoustic Ceiling Painting

Can Acoustical Ceilings be Restored?

With proper preparation and a highly skilled and trained team of professionals, your faded, discolored and water-stained acoustical ceiling tiles can be bought back to life leaving your facility with beautiful, brand new looking tiles in half the time and half the cost of completely replacing the tiles themselves. 

With the preparation and application of a specialty coating, your existing acoustical ceiling can be completely resurfaced and coated to not only improve appearance, but also enhance acoustic function, create better light reflectance and provide greater tile life expectancy. Acoustic Ceiling restoration services also contribute to earning LEED Green Building Credits as these specialty coatings are Low Voc and avoid waste disposal by utilizing existing materials.

The entire ceiling system in place including grids, air diffusers, vents, speaker plates, etc. can be entirely resurfaced and finished in a variety of colors to match your current color scheme perfectly. The tiles themselves are restored and left in a bright, clean white finish that is sure to add the wow factor to your facility. The tile coating system is resist to dirt, dust and the yellowing that is often caused by UV light exposure which not only helps to keep your ceiling looking clean and new, but also improves the acoustical function and performance overall.

As the premier Commercial and Residential painting company in the Lehigh Valley, we are thrilled to provide Acoustical Ceiling Restoration services to our clients. Not only does this service provide our clients with the high quality craftsmanship their facility deserves, but as an eco-friendly service, acoustical ceiling restoration contributes to our commitment of going green and practicing sustainability in the Lehigh Valley. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What to expect on your painting estimate

Getting a painting estimate can be challenging in many ways from who do you call to how much it will cost. There are many unknowns which can make for a stressful time and one that sometimes makes you make unwise choices from choosing the wrong contractor to more importantly not selecting the right one.

When you call to get an estimate first did someone answer the phone who was polite and could answer most of your questions? Did they ask what your time frame was? Nothing is more frustrating then having contractors come out who can never meet your deadlines which simply wastes your time and the contractors. A simple question on their end can eliminate this.

After an appointment was set that is good for both parties did the contractor show up on time or at all?  This is my first red flag when looking for a contractor, if they are late to the consultation what makes you think they will be on time when your project is going on. If were late and I can count on one hand he amount of times I have been late we always call.

Did they arrive wearing a company shirt and dressed well? This again is important, if they show up in a dirty vehicle and dressed horribly it is a reflection on how they treat their own property. How do you think they will treat yours?

Were they writing things down or simply looking around and going to guess at your price? No matter how many years someone has in the trade writing things down is a necessity if only to be able to have notes for the painters who arrive on your project.

Once they arrive you should tell them immediately what your project consists of and walk through each area and be very detailed . This is your one shot at explaining clearly and being able to get a clear and accurate price. I will say it again failure to know expectations is the number one way a project will go wrong. We make sure this doesn't happen often by writing everything down, repeating what is told to us and giving the painters a clear scope and copy of what we wrote. This eliminates 95% of issues on job sites.

Once you get your estimate whether that is on the spot or emailed you should look it over and make sure the scope of work matches what you explained at the estimate and follow this with a phone call with the estimator. Following these simple rules can save a ton of wasted time and effort and make a decision an easier one.