Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where are all the great people?

Hiring for us has been an ongoing struggle, from blaming ourselves for the failure of the people we hire to thinking there are just no good painters left around.
So what is the answer to this? Who is to blame? The answer lies in between blame and accountability.
We do everything we possible can to 
help make someone succeed, I am going to sound like my grandfather and say people are not like they used to be, not hard working and want things handed to them. I don't entirely believe that of everyone but it is prevalent today of the applicants we see. 
Some of the issues have been
  • Showing up late to the interview if they show at all.
  • Arriving at the wrong location
  • Not dressed appropriately 
  • Cursing in the interview everyone curses here and there shit I just did now but pick your spots please
  • Asking what the jobs pays before coming into an interview
  • Asking to be paid in cash to avoid their responsibilities
So all I just mentioned are red flags in my book and immediately you will find were not interested.
Working hard to pre qualify these leads, make sure were a good fit for each other and all share them same values as the company is a good start to avoid this.
Our values are dependability, accountability, relationships, commitment and trustworthy. You can see why the red flags are a direct violation of these values.
I was taught to work hard and that in itself is a reward but eventually the accolades, money will come. We made a stand to only have people work with us who share these goals, it has limited our company in the number of people who work with us but it has made every day and every job that much better.
We hire people who want a career in painting and will do whatever they can without question to get jobs done and be a great person to their family and company, it is the only way to feel great about your company.

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