Sunday, October 2, 2016

What to expect on your painting estimate

Getting a painting estimate can be challenging in many ways from who do you call to how much it will cost. There are many unknowns which can make for a stressful time and one that sometimes makes you make unwise choices from choosing the wrong contractor to more importantly not selecting the right one.

When you call to get an estimate first did someone answer the phone who was polite and could answer most of your questions? Did they ask what your time frame was? Nothing is more frustrating then having contractors come out who can never meet your deadlines which simply wastes your time and the contractors. A simple question on their end can eliminate this.

After an appointment was set that is good for both parties did the contractor show up on time or at all?  This is my first red flag when looking for a contractor, if they are late to the consultation what makes you think they will be on time when your project is going on. If were late and I can count on one hand he amount of times I have been late we always call.

Did they arrive wearing a company shirt and dressed well? This again is important, if they show up in a dirty vehicle and dressed horribly it is a reflection on how they treat their own property. How do you think they will treat yours?

Were they writing things down or simply looking around and going to guess at your price? No matter how many years someone has in the trade writing things down is a necessity if only to be able to have notes for the painters who arrive on your project.

Once they arrive you should tell them immediately what your project consists of and walk through each area and be very detailed . This is your one shot at explaining clearly and being able to get a clear and accurate price. I will say it again failure to know expectations is the number one way a project will go wrong. We make sure this doesn't happen often by writing everything down, repeating what is told to us and giving the painters a clear scope and copy of what we wrote. This eliminates 95% of issues on job sites.

Once you get your estimate whether that is on the spot or emailed you should look it over and make sure the scope of work matches what you explained at the estimate and follow this with a phone call with the estimator. Following these simple rules can save a ton of wasted time and effort and make a decision an easier one.

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