Sunday, August 28, 2016

Being a Lehigh Valley commercial painting contractor has been a learning experience in many ways however the one aspect we never forgot about is the painters need continual training on new applications and new products as they change quite frequently.

We like to have our painters come back to the shop and have a fun relaxed time from the rigors of the job site but at the same time bring in experts from the many paint and tool companies we use on all of our sites. After doing this and learning all about the new products it is typical we change what we may be using. This can benefit the customers in many different ways such as:
Longevity of the job which equals less money repainting
Quicker return to service with some of the faster drying paints
Easier coatings to work with = lower costs due to faster production
Experts at new coatings = less mistakes using incompatible coatings                                      
  Safety Training = Awareness of potential accidents keeping insurance costs down.
As you can see by having an experienced and highly trained staff at your disposal it can ultimately keep the end costs down while getting an even better quality job. We spend a great deal of time and cost to differentiate our company from some of the others in our area and would encourage any company to do the same whether a painting company or not.
Some of the great companies who have sent in teachers have been: