Sunday, August 5, 2018

How To Get The Paint Job Of Your Dreams

How To get The Paint Job Of Your Dreams:

Everyone dreams of a beautiful home, one that is warm, inviting and let's face it makes people a bit jealous when they see it in person.

We all see the tv shows just amazing bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements. We see the pictures on Pinterest and all over social media and wonder if one day we can have the same amazing outcome.

Sure it takes money, great products, and the painting company or contractor to make it happen but there are a few things more important than all of those and we will go over them below.

Now don't get me wrong after you have all of these important things in place you need the best products for the job, a great company with skilled craftsman and women but we will get to that in a minute.

There are a few super important matters to go over before we get into to all those other details and these are the ones that most of the time cause issues of a bad job or satisfaction not being met, it is not always a "bad contractor" even when it may seem that way.

  • Expectations: Yes we all "expect" a good job but what is that exactly, one person's idea of a great job can be totally different than the next, I have seen it, first-hand guys, we do the same job on each and every one of our projects and we have "bad" jobs as any other contractor has had. Could it be a bad paint job? Sloppy? Missed spots? Or simply a difficult client, one that is never happy? Those all can happen but usually, it starts with missed expectations, something was missed at the estimate, the client may not of been home or the one that will critique the mist wasn't home and never met the estimator to explain what they want and expect. remember one person's perfect paint job doesn't make it everyone's. If the estimator had dove in and explained to the correct person what will and won't be done and how things will go it could have been a different story. TIPS: Be Home for the estimate-Have a detailed list of what you want done-How much prep and patching do you expect- How long will this project really take? Ask questions and be open about communication

  • Quality Vs Price: Were you open and honest about your budget? Or did you hide the fact you're looking for the top of the line job but you beat the contractor up on the price? Trust me when someone just drops the price it will be coming from somewhere, cheaper materials, cheaper labor or skipping steps somewhere.TIPS: Be honest about your budget-Be open about what this project looks like in your mind

  • Communicate Throughout the project: It never stops amazing me when people hire us and then disappear. Meaning they don't talk, are not available to go over things, have no input until the last day and then it is ripe for expectations to be missed. TIPS: Be available- Speak to your lead painter-Do walkthroughs with them

  • Be Nice: Nothing is worse than working for someone who just isn't nice. We all know the kind, they hire you and then have nothing to say but negative things if they speak to you at all. Or they refuse to deal with the lead painter onsite who can help them in a few minutes, they would rather go around the communication policies and call their supervisors. This only delays a quick fix that could easily be done onsite ruins the relationship of the person that can help you the most and makes everyone want to finish your job quicker to get away from them. Again leaving it ripe for things to be missed or mistakes to be made. No one works well under mean people. TIPS: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar- Be kind
These are just a few of the important things when you're having any home improvement project done. After these things than it is selecting your painting contractor, finishes and more. If you can keep the important ones straight these other choices are the fun ones.


Saturday, July 28, 2018

What will the price be to paint my home?

How much will it cost to paint my cabinets?

This is the main question we are asked everytime someone calls in to inquire about painting their kitchen cabinets.

We used to go our and estimate every project and then I realized almost every project is the same one. So we streamlined this process by being open about our pricing, we are so confident our work and value are superior we post all of our pricing for everyone to see.

You see the price in itself is not what you should be judging a project by, there are more things behind it, the value, the commitment to your project, the training the staff receives.

In the event something would happen on your project it will require all of this un said values to come in to play, where will the other companies be at that time? We stand behind our projects and with the areas best training program for kitchen cabinet painting you can rest assured anyone who steps foot near your cabinets is fully trained and certified by us to do so.

You can save thousands of dollars by painting your cabinets vs replacing them. That is a fact.

So what does a typical kitchen cost to be painted?
Take this kitchen for instance, what we can see shows about 30 openings, we count each drawer and door, so that is $2250 not including the island or the overhead area above the stove, to add those we would charge around $450. This would include our standard application, fully prepared, scuff sanded, wiped clean of all dust, grease and deglossed. A full solvent based prime coat and two full finish coats to give you a beautiful finish.
Remember these are new cabinets, a lot can be done with old worn out cabinets and they look like night and day when done but they are older cabinets and will show dents, age from all the years.
We like to explain the expectations. A 30-year-old painted set of cabinets may not look like a set purchased right from the store, no matter how much work is involved. Also if there is a textured wood grain, that will show through the paint job. It can be made smooth but that is a much more labor intensive project.

We love working on cabinets and have done so many we cannot count them all, if you need a free no hassle quote visit and we will get a proposal right over to you or call 484-821-7112

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Ride along with me on a commercial estimate

Take a trip with me on a commercial estimate

Doing commercial estimates is no easy tasks and doing 9 in one day is even tougher. \
But with proper preparation and planning and the correct systems in place, I did this in 2.5 hours and sent them all while I was onsite.

It's important to know just being the lowest price does not make you successful, you need to service your clients while also being profitable.

Anyone can be the lowest price and this isn't a race to the bottom of the pile of failed companies.
Painting companies are notoriously bad business people, heck I was in the paint store and a few never heard of workers compensation the other day. That's crazy.

So follow along with me and see what goes into a day at Amato Painting with Ryan.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

How Much Will It Cost To Paint My Kitchen Cabinets

How Much Will It Cost To Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

So you have decided you would like to paint your kitchen cabinets and hopefully, you have decided to use a professional painting company that does kitchen cabinets all the time.

Remember just because they are a painting company or a painter does not mean they can refinish kitchen cabinets.

It is a different application than your typical wall or piece of trim and you want and need a company that does this all the time and not just one of their jobs.

Everyone always asks the big question, how much will this cost me. Now is not the time to get the lowest price, remember there will always be a lower price but this is a specialty item and one that not everyone can do. We are open with our pricing and we typically charge $75 per door or drawer so if you count your openings and multiply it by $75 that is the cost. So ten door and drawers your cost is $ 1500, 20x$75. 

There are of course a few variables, glass fronts, wine racks and other out of the ordinary pieces of cabinetry. But this will give you a very good basis for the cost of your project.

You typically will get a full prep by washing, scuffing and cleaning the cabinets and after that a full prime coat. Once it is primed you will get at least two full finish coats using top of the line cabinet coatings. Professionals will be able to apply these coatings in the specified manner suggested by the manufacturer.

Our clients always tell us they have saved at least $10,000 vs replacing or refacing their cabinets. use that money saved for other projects around the home or take that family vacation you have been meaning to go on.

If you want to totally transform your kitchen in an easy affordable way contact us to schedule your project.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

How to take the pain out of getting a painting estimate

How to take the pain out of getting a painting estimate.

Let's face we all need painting at one time or another, that wood outside is rotting, the deck needs staining and the siding needs freshening up. Or perhaps you're having a graduation or birthday party and the interior hasn't been freshened up in ten years.
This is where we come in but if you're like me and have had to call around to get estimates you know as well as I do you can call ten people and maybe two call you back if you're lucky.

So what are you supposed to do? For one, don't forget who didn't return your calls in a timely manner, when I say timely please give people a reasonable amount of time to return a call, this for me is 48 hours, if I don't receive a call back typically I will move on. 

I had to get some work done around my home and we called numerous other contractors for things we do not do and trust me it was hard to get anyone to return calls, show up or give a price. So when you find someone who gives you great communication now wouldn't be the time to attempt to get them to lower their price.

When I find someone who can service me, of course, I look at the price, however, I do keep in mind, do I really want to go through this estimating process two more times? I may end up with someone who I regret hiring and I already have a proven contractor I have worked with and trust.

I am probably one of the easiest clients a contractor will have, I let them do their work, I don't micromanage them at all and I don't shop around. If I trust you, you were referred or have done work for me before that's all I need. You have a customer for life.
Now, will people make mistakes along the way? Sure they will, but when they do you let them correct them. I had a driveway company reseal our blacktop and they sprayed it all over the garage doors, I tried to get it off that morning but none of my cleaners would work, so I didn't yell or scream at anyone, it was a mistake, I emailed and asked what I can use to get it off. No one ever answered but when I arrived home it was already done. That is impressive to me, I would recommend them to anyone even after a mistake.

SO long story short, when you find someone you trust and they deliver, what's the sense of dragging out the estimate process? be open and honest about your budget, remember you trust them enough to come into your home, you can certainly trust them enough to have a real conversation about the budget.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Interior Painting is about prep and who is in your home.

Interior painting is very personal.

You have people inside your home you don't know and never met, this is one reason we background check everyone and make sure they do an initial meeting before our projects start when possible.

The days of selecting the lowest price to do your work are long gone, you should feel secure and comfortable with who you choose to do your work.

We work very hard in selecting the right people to work with us, not just the best painters.
Our values must be upheld which are accountability, commitment, dependability, and relationships.

Without those, you cannot work here. We all want to be around people we like, heck we even do this when we select the clients we work for, just like employees some bad clients may slip by us and they are usually the more difficult jobs of unreasonable people.

Interior work is about the prep work and the order and cleanliness of the job, keeping a nice tight order to your project and a clean shop area, cleaning up each day goes a long way.

Are we always perfect? No way but that is always our goal and if something happens we are right there to be accountable for it and correct it and move forward.

We offer a full array of interior painting from wall covering install and removal to painting trim, ceilings, spackle work and full interior repaints. Should you need anything check out this page for more information.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Staining and painting decks, what to know

Returning to a clients home year after year is a great feeling

When we return to a clients home year after year for additional work or to recoat things we have done in the past is a great feeling for us.

They have put trust in us to maintain their home, decks, sheds, and fences and to have that trust means a lot.

Even when everything is done perfectly there may be a coating issue or an area that gets more abuse than others and the stain or paint may wear. Remember it is only a coating protecting these areas and they can only take so much abuse

This deck, in fact, we have done three times now I believe, it gets hit with the tremendous weather, sun, rain, ice, snow which means shoveling, expansion and contraction and it's also the main entrance so lots of foot traffic and dog traffic as well/

We like to explain that decks in the northeast and in our area will certainly need to be maintained and possibly every year. That doesn't mean you have to recoat the entire deck each year but most likely the floor and top rail.

Now if you expect a deck to last forever and have zero future maintenance on it you will never be happy with the work no matter what product is used or what company does it.

With proper preparation, and good products used and some maintaining of the surfaces this deck can last many years but remember that means some work, cleaning each year, recoating when needed and possibly replacing a board here and there if you see any rot.

With the proper expectations, you will be thrilled with the work and have a deck your neighbors will be jealous of.

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