Your Painting Estimate

Preparing for your estimate

Some tips to make your estimate a successful and efficient one 

Thank you for calling us to do your painting estimate, we take great pride in ur work and take your estimate and the proposal process very seriously.
In an effort to make this easy and informative we have listed some of the most important topics here along with a few videos to help this process along.

  1.  Please make sure the person making the decision will be onsite and available to walk the project with our estimators. If not, this can be a prime spot to mix up expectations and not get a true price of the work you want to be done high or low.
  2. If for any reason you cannot be onsite please give us ample time to reschedule.
  3. Please make sure to lock up any pets during the estimate, while we love animals they can become a distraction while we're in the most important part of your project gathering information.
  4.  Please list all expectations, wishes, and concerns when we are out there, this will only help to ensure a successful project.  The number one issue on jobs gone wrong is expectations not being known or met.
  5.          When we arrive, we will begin by asking you about the project and have you walk through the entire project with us. We will then walk through ourselves to measure and estimate the work
  6.       If possible we will give you a price on the spot which will help secure a spot on our schedule, if not we will follow up with you the next day to review the proposal as well as get any feedback and answer any questions.
  7.        It is in everyone’s best interest to get a resolution to our proposals as fast as possible, for you to get on our schedule and for us as we're doing many estimates per week we simply do not have the time to go back and forth negotiating.

  •         As we are doing 20 plus estimates a week there is only enough room on our schedule for a certain amount of jobs. It is important to decide in a timely manner as we are typically already 4-6 weeks out for scheduling, the longer you delay with a decision the longer it will take to get you scheduled. 
  •                   We are not typically the lowest priced company, however, we offer a known quality, not a guess on how your project may turn out and an exceptional experience and great communication if you’re in search of the lowest price we may not be that company.
  •           If possible we ask you to share your budget with us, this may seem scary to you at first but in our experience knowing this can resolve many issues and generally we can fit within any budget by adjusting the scope of work if needed.
  •         We must supply all the paint and materials on each job we do. We will not do a project with customer supplied materials unless there is an overwhelming reason for this. One reason to not use customer supplied materials is you would lose your warranty, in our experience this type of project never works out for either party.
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