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We would like to thank you for the opportunity of earning your business.  Amato Painting, LLC. will make every attempt to make your painting project go smoothly and professionally.  We have included some helpful information below.  Please be advised that it may be necessary for your project supervisor to contact you prior to the start date to go over the details of your job. 
                Job Start  
·         After we receive your deposit, you will be included in our next scheduling meeting.  This is held once a week. We will then reach out with a tentative date.
·         We will confirm the exact start date and time the week prior to your tentative start date. Our starting time is 8:00 am unless otherwise notified.  If this is not convenient please call and we will change your start date. Please be aware that due to unforeseen circumstances, we may have to reschedule as well.
·         If you have not already signed contract, please sign it now online or print out and sign and fax or email in..  Please note that the above date is only tentative and we will schedule your job only when we have a signed contract and deposit. Once your job is scheduled, it is a tentative date until ONE week before your project is to begin. We will call one week before this date above to let you know the exact date we will begin work. Please do not make plans for any days off or move anything until this time

·         The customer must be available to meet with the foreman on the first and last day of the job.    
·         Amato Painting, LLC. Requires a deposit of 50% of contract price. This is to be paid promptly with signed contract to reserve a scheduled date.

·         The remaining is due on completion day. 
Note: Progress payments may be requested throughout the course of the job. Progress payments on projects over $10,000 will be required and jobs over one week

Ryan Amato
57 South Commerce Way Suite 310
Bethlehem, Pa 18017

·         Colors need to be chosen prior to the start date.  You may visit your nearby paint store. We also offer color consulting for an additional fee.  If you do not decide on a color prior to the start date, your job will be rescheduled.  Colors must be picked and noted on the color form we send. A signed color selection form is mandatory. There is a maximum of three wall colors per project, one color for ceiling and trim unless otherwise noted in your proposal. Each color above this will result in an additional $75 charge PER color

   Pre job helpful tips
·         Your responsibilities include moving all furniture and valuable items either to the center of the room or out of the room unless otherwise agreed upon. If you do not move furniture we will charge $75 an hour per man to move anything and we are not responsible for any damages. Taking all pictures off of the wall and removing nails and screws you DO NOT want back in, if you’re leaving them up do not take them out, that way we will know to not patch that hole. Outlet covers we will remove before painting and put back when complete. Ac vents will be taped off and painted around unless you decide to remove them and put back yourself, this is a good time to get them down and wash them. Disconnecting any audio, video wiring and reconnecting. Same with computers and any electrical components. Removing all window treatments, blinds, curtains etc.
·         Safety We ask that you and your pets stay out of the work areas until completion, the drop clothes can be slippery and for the sake of safety and to allow our guys to do their job uninterrupted to keep costs down for you they need to be focused on the work.
·         Arrival. When we arrive we will need an area to store material if longer than a one-day job, the garage would be great or basement or an extra room. Once we arrive we will unload materials and start masking off the areas to be painted while covering the floors with drop cloths. Generally, we start spackling and patching holes while beginning on the ceilings, at the same time someone may be starting on the trim and walls. For professional painters, this process has been done over and over again and fine-tuned over our many years.
·         Your lead painter will walk through the spaces the morning of your project with you; you are expected to be home at this very important time. They will walk through and explain how the job will be done and their process and issue any further instructions at this time
·         After this meeting your lead painter is your go-to person for anything. They are trained and authorized and expected to manage the job, their painters and the customer’s needs, they will do everything they can under the scope of work to complete the job in a timely manner.
·         Please remember calls to the office for any on the job matter will be re directed to the lead painter only. It is our policy to have that person be accountable for the whole job.
·         A project manager will visit occasionally to check on the painters, he will say hello and see how everything is going but not take over authority on the project, he will instruct the lead painter to handle all matters.
·         We have been in the painting business for a very long time and know the best ways to apply the paint in a productive and quality manner, this may not be the way you expect or accustom to but remember you entrusted us to your project and we expect the freedom to do so. Delaying the painters with changes or not allowing the lead painter to work under our systems will incur additional charges or a stop to your project until a meeting with the lead painter and project manager.
·         The lead painter will speak to you or leave a note each day letting you know the progress and plan for the next day, this is a good time to bring up any concerns, remember however it is an incomplete job at this point, it is not the time to point out touch-ups. They are instructed to not touch up until completion
·         Spackling We do a general patching unless you elected and hired us to do a more thorough spackling job. General patching means minor flaws will be patched, it does not mean every inch of the surface will be corrected. In our vast experience, general patching is sufficient for almost every job. If you are concerned with every inch of wall being perfect we charge $65 an hour to patch plus materials and you have to approve the walls before any paint is applied.
·         Payment is due the day of completion. This means whether you are home or not, payment is due the day we finish, not after someone else inspects the work, no checks in the mail or stop back another day. We will not complete the work without someone being home and approving the work for payment unless it is waived because you cannot be home.

Communication: To help your project run smoothly we have certain policies regarding contacting the company and your project manager which will make this a positive experience for all. (Trust us this is the easy way to complete your project with zero hassle)

1)            We cannot accept texts from customers. We prefer to speak in person and let the lead painter handle all on-site matters, although texting is fast and easy there is no way we would be able to return every text from all of our customers.
2)            The office closes for the day at 5pm, calls and emails will not be addressed or seen for any reason and will be returned the next day as soon as possible. This means we try to return phone call as soon as possible but with many projects going on all over in Pennsylvania and New Jersey we are sometimes busy on other matters. Again your lead painter can help you much faster. If you still need to call the office please allow up to 48 hours for a return call
3)            The office is closed on weekends, calls and emails will not be seen or returned until the following week for any reason.
4)            During normal working hours, phone calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible, this may be up to 48 hours during busier times. Multiple calls, emails, cc’ing others will not speed this process.  Calls or emails regarding on-site matters will be forwarded to your lead painter.
5)            If we are communicating multiple times per day or more than the standard job, consultation fees may apply
6) Although Ryan greatly appreciates every customer it is impossible for him to be aware or on site for each customer or return calls or emails for any on-site job issues. Calls for job matters will be forwarded to your lead painter or project manager only. We have spent great expense and time training and hiring highly qualified people to run daily operations. 
7)  To give our attention to each project that they deserve we had to implement these policies

Final thoughts
Remember if you have any questions throughout the process please let us know, it is very important we know your expectations at the time of the estimate so we plan accordingly and we can match them when we do the job, the number one issue with contractors is not knowing the expectations of the customer, miscommunication on either part will lead to confusion and issues on the job.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns.
Warm Regards, Amato Painting - 484-821-7112

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