Saturday, October 29, 2016

Who we do not hire

Finding new employees is a difficult process in the first place adding to that finding painters is even harder.
It seems in this business we are lucky if someone has a drivers license, a vehicle, can pass a background check and that usually rules out 75% of potential new hires for us.
I thought I would simplify this and explain exactly what we look for and maybe it can help you in your own business. Being picky for us has been great in most ways, of course we are limited on man power but those we have are all very capable in holding their own

Top Red Flags and personality traits we do not like

  • If you live in any city the people who double park when there are multiple spots in front and behind
  • People who do not have the courtesy to hold the door for the person behind them AND let them go in first
  • Not saying yes sir and yes ma'am , this may seem old school but we offer this respect to everyone we meet daily
  • Someone who does not look you in the eye when talking to you, this always is a red flag and we do not hire those people
  • No personal accountability, always blaming others or making excuses
  • Asking how much they will be paid before they come in for an interview, I have canceled a few interviews because of this, we do not want money to be the number one motivating factor
  • Stating you will only come in if the job pays well, again similar to the above issue
  • Not showing up early, on time is late for us
We have most certainly limited ourselves as far as the total amount of painters however we have drastically increased morale and quality of work so working off our list above we will continue to be choosy who we bring into our family

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