Sunday, May 21, 2017

You don't always need three estimates

You don’t always need three estimates:
It seems somewhere everyone came up with the great idea of getting three estimates for every project around their home from painting to electrical to plumbing.

Yes in some instances this can be a good idea especially if you don’t know any of the contractors who are coming, hopefully, you did your homework before you go that point and checked references, past work through pictures their social media pages or word of mouth.

But if you're like me I feel I am a great judge of character and if the first estimate turns out to be a great one and we connect that is good enough for me, I would prefer to not waste my time waiting around for a contractor who may not show up, is late or shows up and never sends me the estimate.

In my case  I checked out all the reviews and maybe emailed a few references but why continue the song and dance act of each estimate when I feel totally comfortable with the first?

If the issue is price alone you can get 10 estimates someone will always be cheaper but if yours looking for quality work and quality people doing it and they show up in your first or second estimate stop the show now and get them signed up to do your work because I can guarantee if they are great at what they do their schedule is most likely booked.

There will be exceptions to each rule and some people feel more comfortable gathering all of the estimates, it is tough when your doing this to make sure everyone is bidding the same way on residential work (apples to apples)
You will have to make sure they are all using the same materials, they are fully insured with liability insurance AND workman's compensation and are licensed in your area.

So if you have time to do three four five estimates, by all means, go for it, I personally do not and do not want to waste my time or the contractors and more importantly want my work started as soon as possible. 

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