Saturday, June 3, 2017

How We Hire Painters

How we hire painters is a bit different than probably
 most other companies in the fact we hire on character and not experience.

I would rather hire a great person and train them than hire someone of bad character who brings baggage in with them at the same time. This only will drag down the other workers and create a culture no one would ant to be in and one that cannot thrive.

Some of my best hires have been interviews that are rally quick chats to see if they look me in the eye when speaking, come early and are dressed properly for an interview.

We look for people who can uphold our mission statement and continue the quality work we strive for each day while working within a team and having goals of their own, not just using the job as a way to earn money or th painters that hop from one company to the next.

We have gone through many of these types and feel this year we have the best team we have ever put together, all striving to do what is right for the company and for the customer while maintaining a positive outlook each day.

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