Friday, May 12, 2017

10 Things you should be doing

Things you “should” be doing

Every day I am amazed at the things people should be doing but just don’t.
Does it come from how they were brought up or simply they are not fit to be around other people?
I see it doing interviews at Amato Painting, pre-qualifying potential employees, estimates, at the store

Here are my top ten pet peeves
1)      Not holding the door for someone when leaving or entering a store, this is common courtesy, hold the door even if yu have to wait
2)      Not moving to the left lane when cars are merging from a ramp on the right.
3)      Bringing your cell phone into an interview and answering it?  Now this is an automatic disqualifier for us
4)      Wearing sunglasses through your whole interview
5)      Not saying thank you in any instance
6)      Not looking me in the eye when I speak to you, are you hiding something?
7)      Scheduling an estimate, confirming it and then not being home
8)      Confirming an interview and not showing up and then begging for another one
9)      Not treating others in a respectful manner or as you would like to be treated
10)   Knowing the rules but expecting to be treated differently

These are just a few of the things I come across each day and things we look for in our job interviews, my job interviews are generally very quick and short as I am looking for character more so than your experience, degree etc.

Check your Social Media pages too, if you're applying for job interviews and your profile pic is you at a party drinking and other things with profanities and slang throughout your profile. Where is the first place you think employers look?

I am not saying I am the perfect person and sometimes break my own rules but work
hard each day to become a better person and offer something to the community

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