Friday, January 5, 2018

Art Snarzyk to the rescue

"We need help!"

When we decided we could use some help managing employees we reached out to a few companies who all seemed to offer the same cookie cutter routines

But then I remembered a conversation I had with Art Snarzyk a few years ago that he most likely does not remember. 

I was having an issue with an irrational employee who was let go and I asked a few leaders in our industry what they typically do and they all said call Art.

I reached out via email and Art answered right away, no sales pitch no pressure and no cost. His answer wasn't really what I was expecting, he asked a few questions and said this person is a certain type of personality and this is what you need to say to diffuse the situation.

It worked like a charm and we parted ways and that was my last conversation with Art until this year.

I wanted the employees in the office to better understand me really, why do I need things done now, not wasting too much time thinking about it or planning or having idle chit-chat (I zone out)
How does he know all of this? A disc profile which basically asks a bunch of questions in different ways and out pops a very accurate personality type. I am a high D and High C which means I get things done quickly and will get frustrated with others who may plan and take longer. 

This can come off as not listening, not caring and tough to work with. It was great for others to see how to interact with me, I need quick questions not drawn out stories and an answer whether right or wrong. Just not doing something is not good.

So beyond knowing about me what this enabled us to do is making important decisions regarding employees, painters and even clients when we're out on estimates. Knowing what words can resolve situations or get the result you and is huge in our business.

From a sales standpoint I meet so many different types of people, some I get along with right away and some not, the key for us is knowing what personality type this person may be. If they are like me they don't need a full drawn out sales pitch, they want the info and price and let's do it. Or it may be another type that needs so much information they may be suited with a different estimator and that is where our team is so well balanced right now,we have different types of people for each unique situation and we will switch up relationships frequently.

If you or your company may need something like this I highly recommend Art and 
InnerView Advisors, give him a call and you will not regret it

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