Sunday, January 21, 2018

Things Can And Will Change

Things can and will change

The rules of life do apply in contracting as well, things do and will change.
What do I mean by that? Schedules change, people call off, families have issues.

When things do happen job schedules get changed, manpower changes on job sites and hopefully the clients understand stuff happens.
But that isn't always the case, in their life everything must be perfect it seems.

We love that our painters take their families as the most important thing and our jobs second. If there is something going on at their house or a special occasion they need to attend they are welcome to do so and yes the jobs will be affected. 

I would hope other companies do the same thing. On most residential projects a day or two lost is not an emergency at all. Some feel the painting is stressful but we go above and beyond to make sure that doesn't happen. 

So the next time that painter is late, or cannot make it to your project that day just think they may have something going on in their life they need to attend to.

Here is a video I just made regarding this same subject

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