Friday, August 4, 2017

Sometimes the truth is not so popular

Sometimes the truth is not what people want to hear

When I go out to estimates or interact with clients, employees or vendors everyone generally has an idea of what they want to hear from me, for instance when I go on an estimate and we go over their project and the client will tell me how we should be doing it, what products to use and how to apply them.

So I have spent 25 plus years in the painting and coatings industry and have training constantly and train other employees and companies but for some reason, a client overlooks this entirely and speaks to me in a way that they should probably do their own work. I know this happens in any business and most small business owners will have this issue at one time or another.

Another example is product use, when I recommend a product is from past experiences with it, we have used it before and feel comfortable with the application, performance, and longevity of it but still customer insist on supplying their own products, this to me is a bit crazy, you're voiding your warranty, forcing the painters to use products they may have not used before, trust us one can of paint is not the same as the next and application, drying times all change.

When we say something can not be done sometimes the client is so dead set on another idea whether it is right or wrong they are going to use anyone who agrees with them, sometimes you need to get over yourself and put your trust in the professionals, not every job is a cookie cutter approach, when you find a customer like this you can try to give them your knowledge but most of the time it is wasted time and your better off passing, this can all generally be resolved when you make your pre qualification call.

Stand strong in your beliefs, you have spent years learning how to do your trade, don't let someone undermine you or your passion for your business and trade.

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