Sunday, August 27, 2017

Painter for a day is a great deal

Sometimes small projects get pushed away from other painting contractors as they are sometimes more work than it is worth, we saw this issue and created a "painter for a day"
What this means is you don't have to take time meeting 3 or 4 contractors giving estimates and many of them won't show, so you took off of work and lost even more money.
We offer one fee of $500 for one experienced painter for one day.
We are offering a painter for a day:
Our Painter For A Day program includes all of the following for the low cost of $500.00. Job Specific Materials & Equipment are billed at our cost plus 25%. Job specific materials are paint, tape, roller covers for example:
  • One experienced painter during normal working hours
  • All necessary tools such as ladders, drop cloths
  • 8 hours of quality painting service
Painter For A Day services can include:
  • Painting your Office, Hallways, or Lobby
  • Painting your Common Areas or Stairwells
  • Touch-Up Interior or Exterior Trim
  • Paint your Doors and Door Frames to make them look new
  • Work on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • And Much More!
  • This would be great for a smaller job such as that one wall that needs to be painted, or a few doors and trim that you need to be spruced up before the family comes over.
  • This is not for large exterior work, anything needing an extension ladder or more detailed projects, for those you would want to get a proper estimate. This is for residential projects only but doesn't fret our commercial friends we also do offer painters for daily projects.
  • For you,  it saves time, no need for an estimate and knowing you will get your small project done in an efficient way.
  • For our end, it reduces costs as we do not have to come out for an estimate as those costs are built into the jobs, for a painter for a day you get a drastically reduced price and an expedited service saving weeks when normally placed on the schedule.
  • If you would like more information please visit our website at or email

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