Sunday, August 27, 2017

Recently completed exterior painting in Easton,PA

Completion of an exterior in Easton, Pa

We recently completed this exterior in Easton, Pa working on this project for a great family who was simply easy and awesome to work for every step of the way.
When we first looked at this one at the initial estimate we noticed it really needed a color change to set it apart from the other homes on the street. Once we determined our plan to do revitalize this home, we put everything together and along with the homeowner helping to choose colors.
We began by pressure washing the surfaces to clean and remove and mildew or dirt, now we use a soft wash technique, not usually blasting at any surface to avoid possible damage, sometimes customers see this and wonder if we're really cleaning at all but trust me if someone is washing your home any other way they are not up to date on the new techniques and your taking a chance.

After washing we began scraping any remaining loose peeling paint, oil priming the bare surfaces using Cover Stain by Zinnser and caulking every gap seen around windows, doors, and penetrations. This very important step is one that takes a professional eye.
Once all the prep was done we began using Sherwin Williams Resilience every painted surface receives a full two coats of paint.

There were some interesting angles and access issues on this home but our skilled group of painters is used to this and did a wonderful job safely accessing the top levels and completing the job in a safe productive and profitable manner.

The customer was thrilled with the results and left us a great Google review and sent in a wonderful report card, "it was an easy process every step of the way"

If you need your exterior done there is still some time left but you could also be one of the first up for 2018, give us a call at 484-821-7112 or email us

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