Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to not lose money on commercial painting jobs

How to not lose money on commercial painting jobs

We were recently the featured guests on PaintED a PDCA Podcast. Painting Contractors and Decorators of America was founded in 1884 with the purpose to help painting contractors succeed.
The one area for us they are worth any penny is the Industry Standards they developed.

The Industry standards take the guess work out of any situation and application and level the playing field against those contractors that demand and insist on wrong applications and additional work that is not yours to own.

These situations arise on each job whether touch ups to damage done by others, when they tell you once you paint the wall you own it, that is not the case at all, or how about caulking, they would have you caulk every inch of the building would there not be standards.

Sequencing of jobs is another very important topic, was the flooring done before you painted? If it was how much did that slow you down, was that listed in the schedule? Probably not
This list could go on and on, here a few key ones

  • Caulking
  • You paint it you own it (WRONG!!)
  • Touching up spackle work after you primed the walls
  • Additional coats because walls were not prepared correctly
  • Overtime due to sequencing of jobs
You know you have all lost money on the items above, it depends greatly on who is managing the job, the quality of the other subs and your own man power.

Not all contractors are bad at all, in fact, we have been lucky enough to work with some great ones and I can count on one hand the bad ones but they do leave a lasting impression.
Take a listen to the podcast and listen close, it could save you some grief and money in the future. 

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