Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Go the extra mile

Going the extra mile even for a bad customer

Going the extra mile is something we hear about a lot and something w train here at Amato Painting but what happens when you have a difficult customer watching your every move, yelling at you or just never happy with anything?


You never know who is watching when you're bringing in the customer's garbage can or cleaning their windows after an exterior paint job. It could be the neighbor who you impressed by doing the small things or the person driving down the street and watching your painters sit outside smoking cigarettes on the back of the van, a great impression only comes once and that is where you can win over the clients and beat the competition. 

Going the extra mile is something that can be done not only at work but while out at the store, hold the door open for someone, let someone merge onto the highway, these little things will make that person happy for a brief second but as you do these things all through the day someone will notice and more importantly you will have a great feeling inside of you that you went above and beyond not only for customer's but in life in general.

We see very quickly when we interview someone if this trait is inside them, speaking on your cell phone during an interview is the same as using it in line at the grocery store while someone is waiting on you, put down the phone and enjoy the moment in front of you.

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