Friday, July 7, 2017

Quality, timing or price?

Quality timing or cost?

Each job or estimate we do these three things are most important and we need to know which are important to you on your project.
It is virtually impossible to be able to get all three for many reasons I will go through in the video attached. But basically
Top Quality=Cost
Timing, we need it done right away costs money to mobilize and make this happen
Price means you want the lowest price, this will affect quality most certainly
For example, we just did an estimate for a customer who was selling their home, low price was not their issue but the timing was so they needed it done right away and with average quality so the price would be higher than your normal project.
We had another which was a rental unit, they need the lowest price but dome right away, so quality may not be the highest and in this instance didn't matter much, they needed it done so they could rent it out quick.
So knowing this going in will certainly help avoid frustrations, take a look at this video blog I just did and listen closely.
Remember you cannot have the lowest price, top quality and done right away, pick and chose your most important

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