Sunday, February 5, 2017

You can always find someone cheaper

You can always find someone cheaper but at what cost?
You  do your due diligence and get three estimates
One is high or so you think, one in the middle and one very low.
They all seem to have the same things, paint walls, patch holes. You didn’t ask a lot of questions or really explain your expectations but shouldn’t be a problem they are all painters and should know how to do this right?

Did you ask is what type of experience do they have on work like yours
Do they carry full liability insurance AND WORKMAN'S COMP?  if they have other painters on your site and you haven’t gotten their workman's comp cert your at a huge risk (bet not many have it

What is their reputation with customers and the paint stores they use?
What type of training do they offer their painters (bet not many have an answer here either)
SO that high price or so it seemed,  in the end may be the best one, trained painters who have health insurance, workman's comp and know what they are doing.

The low priced one has no insurance, spilled paint (it happens) but cant pay to replace it and you already gave them your deposit

Your gambling on your home, who is in it and what they may damage or not.
At Amato Painting we can with certainty know the results you will get as we have done the same type of work over and over. We train our painters from start of the job to the last day.
No worries when you handle a job or project over to us. We will take care of all the little details.

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