Saturday, February 25, 2017

Proper expectations or painting your cabinets

Proper expectations when deciding to paint your cabinets

Deciding to paint your kitchen cabinets is a huge decision and one usually based on saving money from replacing them totally or refacing them. 

No question painting your cabinets will save you a ton of money but with that does come some maintenance on your end occasionally as with any painted surface.

Even when doing the proper prep and using the top of the line materials as most professional companies use any surface rubbing against each other or getting hit will be a weak link and you could see some chipping, scratches, and marring. 

The great thing now that they are painted is you can easily touch them up when needed. We are not talking about paint failure here or anything the painting contractor did wrong. As with any painted surface, there is maintenance such as decks, walls, all exterior painted surfaces. Heck with decks we tell people to expect to do the floor and horizontal surfaces each year.

I know when deciding to paint the cabinets no one wants to hear they may chip but even with your unpainted ones they will scuff, scratch and nick when hit or bumped, paint is no different. No matter how many coats or thickness put on.

To have the expectation once they are painted they will last forever is a wrong one and one that will bring feelings of disappointment and unhappiness with the project.

Painting your cabinets can make a dramatic difference no doubt and will totally change the look of a room, remember painting is one of the cheapest investments that can bring the most value back into your home.

Now that we have that understood let's talk about application

To spray or not to spray that is the question

Spraying can be great for many reasons such as 
  • It is usually more productive
  • Smoother finish
  • Works great for solvent based material
Some cons of spraying in your home

  • It will atomize the paint much more making the smell much worse
  • Heavy covering of surfaces and may not have access to the kitchen for a few days
  • Harder to touch up
  • Requires more product
  • Produces dust and requires more cleanup
  • More costly 
Brush and rolling cabinets can easily achieve the finish your looking for at less of a cost and less mess if any

Some pro's

  • Less covering up and prep
  • Less equipment needed
  • Less material used
  • Fewer fumes and particles in the air
  • Easier in an occupied home
  • Faster return to service

  • May see brush marks, this is hand workmanship 
  • Does not work with all paints
  • Will not be the ultra smooth look as sprayed
As you can see there is a decision to be made, we have done many both ways and honestly, for me, it is hard to tell the difference with the products we use when brushing and rolling and sometimes that helps to get the price within the budget of the customer

Also keep in mind the touch-up factor, when spraying a surface you will need to touch it up eventually and it will be a bit harder but not impossible

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  1. I find the most important decision to make with regard to painting cabinet's is the hinges. Remove doors , paint and rehang ? Time consuming and costly. Coverstain hinges, and paint in place ? Hinges can bind and peel paint.
    Make sure doors hang and close correctly before you remove them. Like you said, communication and written expectations are paramount.