Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sorry Is For Suckers

Sorry is for suckers

I'm sorry, sorry for that, I apologize, my fault is one of my biggest pet peeves and something I correct and do not allow around the office.
Not that we do not want to be polite or the customer isn't always right but as soon as you say any of those words you have lowered yourself and gave the other person the thought they were correct and you will back down whether right or wrong.

Once you say those words you mise well have said your right even if your wrong and I will do anything you say
Sorry is self-demeaning and if you cannot lift yourself up you are going to be taken full advantage of by others
Sorry makes you seem unfit for leadership roles in some eyes

 It also sends a message that you would rather agree then be honest, over times your apologies will come across as submissive and make you a pushover for others to take advantage of. Over apologizing creates guilt and undermines your own self-esteem.
Instead of I'm sorry, say thank you for bringing that to my attention

"Just" is another one of those words,
I just wanted to reach out, I just have a few things to go over, sorry for calling but I just have a few things to talk about. If they were truly sorry they wouldn’t call knowing it is a bother. Get right to the point of the call.

Business and life can be tough enough without you purposely making it harder for yourself

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