Thursday, February 8, 2018

How long will the painting take?

How long will my painting project take?

This is the age-old question we get from the estimate when the project starts an during and one that can generally be answered but needs some flexibility as job conditions change frequently.
While on an estimate your estimator is measuring, looking at surfaces, the amount of furniture in the way, what types of paint that may be used, how many coats and historical production numbers from past similar jobs. They will use all of these things to determine how long a job may take to charge accordingly but remember this is an educated guess.

Once a project starts there are some unknowns, such as how well will the paint dry, cover or if they will run into any issues with the surface. Drying conditions change due to humidity and temperature and can severely slow the job process down or speed it up.

Sometimes your painter may have a family issue and have to miss a day, or a car may break down, these everyday normal occurrences happen and should be considered with the timeline, we always suggest leaving some room before and after the tentative dates we give.

If you have a specific deadline on a project this should be told to your estimator and lead painter AND marked within your proposal and contract so everyone is aware, there is nothing worse then disappointing someone who didn't let you know there even was a deadline.

If all of these things are in order you can count on a successful painting project, with little stress and a completion day you can be thrilled with.

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