Friday, February 23, 2018

Amato Painting Donates $3000 To PEaceable Kingdom In Free Painting

 Ryan Amato Painting recently completed their Paint It Forward paint job and the organization selected was Peaceable Kingdom of Allentown,PA. They received a $3000 completely free of charge donation by Ryan Amato and the team enabling the Peaceable Kingdom to paint areas of their facility in much need.
All materials were donated by Sherwin Williams Of Easton,PA  All of the painters and staff donated their time in an effort to help someone else out with nothing expected in return Peaceable Kingdom is a no-kill shelter who helps with adoption and low-cost vet services.

Paint It Forward was started in 2005 by Josh Allbright of Allbright Painting and many painting contractors across the country participate each year and from the combined efforts has donated over 1 million dollars of free painting serves and materials to deserving families and nonprofit organizations.

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