Saturday, April 22, 2017

A great few weeks

We have had a great few weeks at Amato Painting in many ways.

We won Lehigh Valley Style Best Painting and Wallpaper services 2017 for the 4th Year in a row

Lehigh Valley What's Happening Best Painting Company for the second year in a row and third overall time plus we are a Hall Of Fame Member
We were honored to receive the PDCA Bronze Safety Achievement Award which is a National Award and one we were thrilled to get.

I personally have been all over the place, in magazines, on other websites, have an article coming out in a National painting trade magazine soon, been invited on blogs and just for doing what I love to do which is painting, business,
and teaching others

Not to mention the painters and sales team have been killing it recently and were booked pretty solid

None of this would be possible without the people who help me , from the painters who get up every day and go to jobs they may not like or deal with very difficult customers or tough weather such as rain, extreme heat and cold. Jeremiah has been here from day one and is the hardest working person and always up for a challenge to the office staff who deals with my ever changing ways, we worked hard to bring in great people in the office and in the field who can manage themselves and it has paid off on my end simple by me not being involved in every day to day task.

Tanya kills it with our commercial jobs and if you don't pay your bill you will answer to her, she is who I lean on every day and were a great team together!! She does not go unnoticed by me

Kyle came in and took a huge load off of me personally by managing the painters, he is learning while in the fire with some of the craziness each day but has handled it very well and always asks to learn new things

Marisa Came in when we needed support in the office, with a busy family life she helps as much as she can and has certainly helped with the enormous amount of paperwork thatis required for some of our jobs.

Adair in the shop has brought some structure to the ordering of paint, supplies and all whiel he goes to college at night (That is a work ethic!)

Rich our commercial estimator is so busy he asks for mercy sometimes but has been a great resource and is invaluable to us

But on my end the people who have inspired me to keep me going, some may not even know it
Rian Carr was with us a short while but you can sense his passion for things and that is inspiring to me, Other painting companies most certainly inspire me Nolan Painting and Brian and Kevin helped me so much get to where we're at today, Steve Burnett and Tom Reber, I am not a client of either but each day I learn something new
There are so many more, Anthony from Sherwin Williams, Eric Miller Benjamin Moore, All the guys from Gleco Paint and the Benjamin Moore reps, Pipeline Deals, Knowify, Pep Cloud Estimating

Too many to mention but the point is everyone who you come across each day may insire you in some way to do great things never have your blinders on.

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