Sunday, September 18, 2016

Marketing tips for painting companies

Marketing is a team effort for a painting company

Running a painting company or any company for that matter has a lot of moving parts and none are more important than your marketing. Marketing does not just happen in an office sending out some postcards and slapping a sign in the yard. If you think this is the case you will be sitting in your home come the winter time wondering what happened.

So we have done our work in the office, got the lead, did the estimate and follow ups and made the sale but guess who your marketing really depends on? The painters

Marketing starts in the office but also extends to the job and that job is of the painters. Are they showing up wearing wearing clean clothes and a nice company shirt? Did they place a sign in the yard and say hello to the neighbors? Did they bring in the newspaper each morning when arriving at the job or do they show up grunt good morning and start painting because they think that is their only job. If that is the case your missing a huge aspect of your marketing which creates more work. We look for men and women who see the bigger picture, the more quality jobs we have they more work they have and working through the winter is huge to painters. If they can help decide their fate isn't that an awesome feeling?

You have one chance to make an  impression on the homeowner and hopefully a good one so they will refer you to the next customer, a referral is the best lead as it costs next to nothing to get. Why pay for leads when they are right in you hand to take if you do your work.
When arriving in the morning remember it isn't when you step on the property, it is when you pull up in the driveway, are you smoking in your truck? Put it out when your a block away and remember many people do not smoke and can smell your clothes and jackets if you place them inside the home. Quitting smoking is a better idea but if you must keep in mind other people and respect their property.

If you keep it simple here are a few tips to increase and tweak your on the job marketing:
  • Know they are watching before you arrive
  • Know the neighbors are watching
  • A clean company shirt
  • Professional workers
  • Yard Signs
  • Say hello and be friendly
  • Ask for referrals
  • Go the extra mile

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