Be careful when hiring painting companies.

Hiring Painters Can be a scary process.

Caution When Hiring Painters

You have to be very careful hiring painting companies to do your work. They may seem professional, large and well known but a little-known trick of the trade is they will sub contract the work to a lower priced noninsured painting company. The only reason they do this is to make more money off of your project. They will not have to pay payroll taxes, workers compensation to their employees because they have none. They will have no idea who will be in your home until a day or so before the job starts and it will be whoever is available. You're risking your home and your project by trying to save a few dollars and making other people rich at that expense. When hiring these companies the major issue is they are uninsured, yes they may have liability insurance but if one of their painters was injured on your property and they find out they have no workers compensation guess who is responsible? Not just the painting company, you and your insurance and this could be a huge hit.

Make certain to not hire these "pro's"

It is hard enough to find contractors you can trust and now they are sneaking in uninsured subcontractors if they don’t know who will be at your home how can you be assured they can be trusted around your family and valuables?
The danger, of course, is the unknown, yes your project may come out great and that is gamble, is it worth taking?
When you hire a painting company ask if they will subcontract your job out and ask for a copy of their liability and workers comp insurance FROM their insurance agent, this should be sent directly to you from them because guess what? They will show you fake documents too.

At Ryan Amato Painting it has always been our goal to bring our family to yours and complete your projects on time and within your budget but employees, the benefit of this is we can train them in the house, they have health benefits and have careers.
Ryan is on the training committee for the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America as well as having been featured in many industry magazines, is on the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Training Committee. He has also been featured on PaintEd an industry podcast sharing his experiences and training other painting companies.
His company has won Best Painting Company 2014,2015,2016 and 2017 by Lehigh Valley Style
2016 Emerging Business of the year
2014,15 and 17 Best Painting Company Of the Year What’s Happening Lehigh Valley
2016 PDCA Safety Award
2016 Summit Safety Award

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